Elite Public High School

Elite Public High School



is the guide that delineates the learning path of a student and determines the process of this learning. We follow objectives of Islamic Education and Pakistan national curriculum. Our Curriculum is student centered. Curriculum of various subjects adopts a skills-based approach to teaching and learning. While preparing the curriculum, national and international curricula are studied, researched and then curriculum is design, which reflects our religious values and modern education too. The aim of our curriculum is to develop Holistic development of student. Throughout school years EPS provide quality knowledge, skills and character building based curriculum framework to student. Our curriculum groom student with faith in Allah, follows the best life of Islam, provides knowledge for mental & moral grooming and develops patriotism for Pakistan. Students realize their inner potential which makes them contribute challenges in Pakistan and serve the humanity of the world.

Curriculum focuses on the following main areas:

  • Students Learning Objectives
  • For Contents resource books and activities
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Assessment & Evaluation
  • Time frame
  • Goals and targets

The Department is responsible for:

  • Selection of books/syllabus
  • Yearly /Weekly Syllabus Breakup for all subjects for Classes pre-school to X
  • Lesson Planning
  • Contents for Assessment Tests /Exams

Curriculum Planning & Development Team:

  • Azhar Iqbal                   (Managing Director)
  • Muhammad Shafiq      (Principal)
  • Zubia Kaleem               (Coordinator)
  • Kiran Idrees                 (Coordinator)
  • Ramsha Kanwal          (Coordinator)
  • Iqra Hanif                     (Coordinator)

Academic Standards

we follow National and international core standards.

Formative and submative Assessment system is present in Elite school


Formative and submative Assessment system is present in Elite Public High School.

english program

English taught as a second Language in Elite school. Basic skills of Language are stress in classes.


Mathematics is taught to develop Intellectual skills and problem solving skills.


Practical base chemistry is taught. Students not only learn concepts but also do practicals in Lab.

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