Elite Public High School

Elite Public High School


Rules of Payment

  • Fees are charged for all twelve months of the years and are payable every month
  • Parents have the option to pay the fee for the whole years as a lump sum
  • The fees payable for the period of the summer vacation are paid in advance/per month
  • Once the fee bill has been issued, payment is made directly to the bank where the school operates its account. Parents must pay the fees by the date specified on the fee bill
  • Fees paid after the due date is subject to a flat surcharge as specified on the fee bill
  • If the tuition fee has not been paid by the due date of second month, the student is automatically withdrawn and Re-admission fee Rs.1000/- will be charged.


  • Fee is subject to annual review 10%
  • Sibling & Deserving concessions are available in selected conditions

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