Pre-School Education

How young children Learn

  • Children can express themselves physically and are skilled at sport. They enjoy acting something out and other physical tasks. Tasks should involve movement.
  • Children enjoy working in groups and gain energy from interaction with others.
  • Children enjoy working alone and are talented at reflecting on their experiences and feelings, and learning from these reflections.
  • Children sensitive to the meaning of language and words. They enjoy reading and writing tasks.
  • Children are able to notice numerical or logical patterns. They enjoy statistical, factual, ranking, analytical tasks.
  • Children have a keen ability to perceive, appreciate and produce rhythm, pitch and music.
  • Children are able to organize and categorize the natural world. Useful tasks involve natural objects or thinking about or going into the natural world.
  • Children have a 3D relational sense, think in pictures and see visual relationships. They learn well with visual input and like graphic tasks that require making charts etc.
  • Young children are individuals with feelings, ideas and a vast imagination. They need to be nurtured and developed physically, mentally, morally and spiritually.
  • Young children learn best in an inclusive and holistic learning environment, not when information is handed down to them in a compartmentalized way.

Characteristics of EPS Pre-School

  • Aim of the pre-School in Elite is “Holistic Development of child”.
  • Homely atmosphere in Pre-School. Leaving the congenial atmosphere of home and joining the school in an uphill task for small kids.
  • Separate campus for kids where cognitive atmosphere is provide.
  • Keep in mind of junk food there is no canteen in EPS for children. Young children bring mother made eatables from home and during lunch period they eat in the supervision & guidance of their teachers according to Sunnah by using “Dasterkhan”, sitting on mat, washing hands, says dua of eating, sharing with peers.
  • For gross and fine motor skills kids use various indoor or outdoor activities in the guidance of teachers.
  • A safe and secure environment to meet children’s needs.
  • Special stress given on children’ personal, social, emotional development and on their academic achievements.
  • No uniform burden on kids. They attend the school in colour dress. It help them to express their likeness in dress.
  • Attractive and interesting worksheets are design to develop young learner interest in doing pencil work.
  • Parents is always encouraged and valued as a partner to educate young children.

Domains of Development

  • Personal and Social Development
  • Religious Development
  • Emotional Development
  • Language and LiteracyIntellectual 
  • intellectual Development
  • Creative Development
  • Physical Development
  • World around the child

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